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About Us

TradeLine Carpentry & Renovations is owned and operated by qualified Carpenter Craig McCullough  B.App.Sci.(Hons)

With local and international experience in the building trade over the past 20 years, Craig has been building things since he was knee high.  He spent many school holidays on camping and 4x4 adventures, and has fond memories of assisting his father with home renovations and repairs, as well as car restoration.  It was these experiences that developed his love of the Australian outdoors and fed his creativity and enjoyment of working with his hands.  Throughout his schooling his attention to detail and aptitude for design and working with tools shone through and lead him into a trade.

Beginning his Apprenticeship in Carpentry in 1989 he gained a wealth of experience in domestic carpentry in the years that followed, especially in period renovation and restoration. 

After years self-employed as a carpenter, Craig decided to challenge himself further.  Wanting to combine his love of the Australian outdoors, and passion for conserving heritage, he spent the next four years attending University.  Financially supporting his education by helping friends and lecturers with building and renovation projects, Craig graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Parks, Recreation and Heritage (Honours).
These qualifications lead Craig to the USA, where he was able to combine his University knowledge and trade skills to become the Superintendent of a 140acre Camp/Conference Centre in New Jersey (see Gallery).  Here, he and the staff spent the next year and a half maintaining the buildings and grounds of this extensive facility.

On returning to Australia, Craig was taught the skills of dry stone pitching.  Contracted to Parks Victoria, he spent a season working with a team of six on the 'Mt. Feathertop Summit Walking Track Restoration Project' (see Gallery).  As with all of Craig's work, theirs will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Craig met his Canadian wife-to-be while she was holidaying in Australia.  After many flights back and forth over the pond, they finally wed in Vancouver, Canada.  After marrying, Craig began working for a well known construction and renovation company based in British Columbia.  It was here that he worked on a range of renovation projects (see Gallery), and learnt many new design ideas and techniques, many of which he has since brought back to Australia and implemented into his own business practices.

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